• Strategize

    Think ahead.
    A sound strategy selects the best tools for the job and will save time, money, and most of all, your business.
  • Captivate

    Lead them to your message.
    Arrest their attention. Intrigue them. Make them wonder. Fit your personality and brand.
  • Inform

    It's all about what you say.
    How you say it matters.
  • Engage

    Making ideas stick.
    Ideas stick when people work with them, play with them and talk about them.
  • Listen

    Measure what works.
    Discover their reaction. Fine tune your strategy.
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  • At a Glance Health Record
  • Teaming imagery and words
  • Simplify
  • Life on the Edge
  • From headline to slogan
  • Powerful words
  • Perspective can tell the story
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At a Glance Health Record

Our redesign of a patient's medical record is featured in the U.S. government's Health Design Challenge Showcase. We created a visual way for a patient and doctor to be able to track health issues and spot trends.

720 pixels by 320 pixels.
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More about how this cover illustration exemplifies CAPTIVATE. We can go in depth, or leave it as a short little blurb.

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