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About us

Who we are

We are a group of physicists, engineers, economists, public servants, and artists with a passion for creative problem solving and learning.

We combine our diverse interests with deep knowledge of design, writing, web development, and marketing strategy to create a team that thrives on meeting marketing challenges creatively.

We joined Uncork-it for the same reasons we went into the arts and sciences: we want to make our vision of the future a reality.

A future where people are healthy and diseases are curable. A future where innovative businesses of all sizes can thrive. A future where technology works alongside us to push boundaries.

We share this vision with our clients—and we team up to make it come true.

  • A photo of Eileen


    • Our fearless leader
    • Head of strategy
    • Usability specialist
  • A photo of Erin


    • Client/media director
    • Planner
    • Project genie
  • A photo of Connie


    • Director of Operations
    • Office first mate
    • Zen master
  • A photo of Kara


    • Director of Strategy
    • Trendwatcher
    • Devil's advocate
  • A photo of Kelly


    • Chief creative writer
    • Researcher
    • Stargazer
  • A photo of Charlie


    • Senior web developer/
    • Color manipulator
    • The enforcer
  • A photo of Josh


    • Designer
    • Style polyglot
    • Secret weapon
  • A photo of Andrew


    • Art Director
    • Motion mage
    • Typomaniac
  • A photo of David


    • Designer
    • Photographer
    • The voice of Uncork-it


A veteran of technology marketing, Eileen is our chief strategist, marketer, and COO. She’s been involved in all aspects of marketing communications and can select the right tool for the problem with precision and success.

Before founding this firm, she worked with international marketing communications for DuPont’s engineering materials products, including Teflon, Mylar, Kapton, Rynite, desalination, and more. Prior to that, she worked at Air Products & Chemicals in advertising, PR, and financial reporting.

She holds a B.A. degree from Lehigh University in Journalism/Science Writing and Economics. She minored in Russian. She studied Advertising Design at Syracuse University where her research explored the images that sell technology.


Erin brings to the table 20 years of agency and corporate communications experience, superhuman efficiency, and the best-smelling lunches. Plus, her strategies and plans are on target and on budget. Erin keeps us grounded in reality, and has a knack for finding that special spice that makes any strategy sizzle.

Before joining Uncork-it, Erin was a senior communications specialist with Health Net in Rancho Cordova, Ca. She has also served as a project coordinator with Claritas in Ithaca, N.Y., as a marketing associate with Emerson Power Transmission, and as a senior media planner with Latorra, Paul & McCann Advertising of Syracuse, N.Y. She earned a BA in Communications from the University of Kentucky and is a graduate of the Media Buying Academy.


Nothing fazes Connie. She can (and will) do whatever it takes to get the job done—whether she is managing a PR event or caffeinating her coworkers.

Connie’s background makes her a fount of wisdom for everything from startup strategy to family medicine, and gives her an endless stream of funny stories. She honed her multitasking skills leading corporate communications teams for international investment banks in New York and Tokyo, including Fuji Capital Markets, Lehman Brothers and Shinsei Bank.

Connie has a B.A. in Comparative Literature from Smith College and a master’s degree in East Asian Political Economics from Columbia University. She is proficient in several languages, including Japanese, French, and Spanish.


Kara is one of those rare hybrids who is equally comfortable discussing philosophy, engineering or ancient languages. If there is an unusual angle or perspective to an issue we're working on, Kara is sure to find it — giving our strategies that extra power. Her magical ability with numbers gives our clients the needed analysis of results to precisely target their marketing.

Kara has a degree in economics from Virginia Tech, with a minor in professional writing. She has co-authored two conference papers on e-textiles research. A classical harpist, she also has a background in electrical engineering and is an accomplished costumer. Also a polished speaker, she currently serves as president of the Christiansburg Toastmaster’s Club.


From black holes to beetles, Kelly is breaking down the barriers of technobabble to get to the heart of science stories. She has hounded Nobel Prize-winning physicists for quotes at the CERN Large Hadron Collider and documented the global threat of food insecurity from invasive species for the Integrated Pest Management project at Virginia Tech. Her work has been nominated for an Emmy Award, and she has written for Scientific American’s blog, Symmetry Magazine, and North Carolina Public Television.

She has a master’s degree in medical and science journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she learned to tell stories, and a bachelor’s in physics from Appalachian State University, where she looked at stars through telescopes.


Charlie can be hard to describe. Yes, he's a web developer, but his talents with words and imagery often provide the spicy touch to our efforts. He also serves as one of our go-to proofreaders. He is the inventor of our proprietary exhibit system. Plus, he's an incredible cello player and chef.

Charlie has experience in both large and small organizations, from 2-person firms to the military. This experience gives him special insight into the processes and systems that growing organizations need. His website systems are organized, clear-cut, and easy for others to understand.

He has studied architecture, music, computer science, and intelligence.


A talented designer, Andrew brings expertise in digital media, animation, and motion design. He digs into every project fearlessly, looking at it from multiple perspectives. Andrew has an eye for design of all kinds, and if you spot a humorous vignette of office supplies and company swag, Andrew is probably the culprit.

His designs are compelling and engaging, with a penchant for over-the-top typography. He earned a B.F.A. from Radford University in 2014 with a concentration in Graphic Design.


Josh has been many places, and done many things.

He has created ad campaigns in Texas. He has designed brochures in New York City. He has led rafting trips in the Grand Canyon.

All these experiences combine to create a versatile artist with the rare ability to shift effortlessly between designs and styles. It’s basically like having three different designers in one. Give him an hour, and he can transform even the most abstract concept into a compelling visual.

Josh approaches every project like the father-of-two he is—with imaginative curiosity, tenacity, a touch of magic, and heaps of patience.


When it comes to creative action, David enjoys it all. Trained as an architect, he is an accomplished graphic designer, photographer, advertising strategist, furniture designer, band promoter, musician, and disc jockey. He has worked in retail management, sales, and design. With such broad and colorful experience, David is not limited by a single signature style, but carefully considers the audience and goal and selects the design style accordingly.

David is one of our team technologists that pushes us to explore new media, apps, and means to engage our client’s customers. He has a degree in architecture from Virginia Tech.

A photo of Erin holding up an image of Charlie's head on a popscicle stick




Most of our work is highly collaborative, and we build on each other’s ideas and feedback. Communication is key and members of every department work together. At Uncork-it, designers can point out grammatical errors and writers can find software bugs.



We believe in our work, our coworkers, and our clients—working at the highest level of professional ethics.



In a fast-changing world, no individual or team can thrive without constant learning. We take the time to stay informed about the world and our specific areas of expertise, so our strategies and deliverables hit their goals.



We believe that everyone can win if we’re open and honest with each other and with our clients.

A photo of the Uncork-it team discussing a project


Uncork-it was established from a marketing consultancy in 2009—during the depths of the Great Recession. We gathered an energetic, curious team of creative and intelligent professionals and built the kind of marketing agency we would want to hire. Tapping our strengths in engineering, science, medicine, and economic development, we gained a reputation for presenting complex issues in a way that encourages busy people to engage.

Uncork-it started life upstairs from a favorite restaurant in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia—a growing hub for innovation. As we grew, we found a home in Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center, where we enjoy the exchange of ideas and creative concepts.

Want to make the world listen?

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