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Whether we are targeting hard-to-reach orthopedic surgeons, exhausted patients, or frazzled lab managers, few medical messages are easy to communicate.

Medical communication needs to make it easy for the audience to learn what they need quickly—and get their attention in the first place.

Complicated messages need to seem simple. Simple messages need to be believable. And all of this needs to be communicated to audiences who are already overwhelmed by information.

It can be done.

A photo of a lab technician with a computer and a microscope
Your audience works as hard as you do. Whether you need to explain cancer systems biology to stressed caregivers, get funding for a project that could save millions of lives, or explain to busy researchers how to use your product, we can help ensure they get the information they need, when and where they need it.

Our work

A mockup of a website for Techlab, displayed on a phone and laptop

Incorporating layers of complexity, meeting strict legal requirements, and making information easy to find—you don’t have to pick just one or two. Even when regulations pile on top of heavy information, we can create an attractive website that meets all your needs.

an image of the first segment of an animated demo

Delivering your message is no longer about simply writing a good story — it’s about showing a good story. Animated product demonstrations, video testimonials — even quick clips about your philosophy pull in engaged listeners.

Here, we produced an animated product demonstration of a medical laboratory test to support the sales team and help train new users.

Video is everywhere, and your customers, clients, and patients expect it. High-quality video helps build trust before your clients or patients ever meet you, and can provide valuable information quickly and easily.

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